Monday, June 01, 2009

Flee Fly, Now or Else

This is war! You have already annoyed me no end for the last couple of days. I strongly suggest that you flap your wings and flit on out of here. The wall is not your friend and neither is the window. If you don't start flapping your wings and flip on out of here there will not be enough of you left to flit. You have been flying around here day and night for going on three days now. Don't you have a home to go to? Or are you separated from your flying spouse too? You have been up and down and all around this room. There is a door here, find it and fly away. If you do not figure out how to flee this place you may be forcefully and fiercely flogged until you can no longer fly. That would certainly be a dismal flying, fickle finger of fate now wouldn't it? So a word of warning to which you should take note. Do not continue to buzz. Do not attempt to open the window - flee now while you still can fly!


cube said...

A flyswatter would take care of that noisy fly for good. Or a rolled up newspaper.

Unknown said...

Or keeping the back door closed. LOL!

Dr.John said...

Go ahead hit it. We won't watch.

Bazza said...

'The last couple of days' i am amazed at your patience, I would've squashed it in a couple of minutes.

maria said...

In this case, my sister would say to the fly "You found the door to get in, now find it to get out."

Myself, I would use the flyswatter, as Cube said and my husband would use the old newspaper trick.

Now, what are YOU going to do?

Your patience amazes me.