Monday, June 29, 2009

Can I Order a Little Rain?

This morning I went out to put the hose to the garden before it all dies with heat stroke. A little while ago I looked out the back windows and saw a dark cloud in the distance. I wondered... The wind kicked up, blowing our little trees around. What's that noise? Oh wait, that is thunder. I remember that noise. Probably nothing will come of the little cloud.

Traci told Aryn to go outside and look at the clouds. "It might rain" she told Aryn. Upon hearing that, Aryn began to pout and whine. Why did she do this? She was upset because the rain would cut off the satellite and she would not be able to watch "Max and Ruby". Some kind of cartoon show, I guess. She was not the least bit interested in the fact that we have had no rain in a long time and it has be very hot and dry here. It did not bother her that the grass has turned brown and everything is wilting, including all of us.

Personally, I am hoping for a good, big storm with a lot of rain. Of course I think the whole state of Texas is hoping for rain too. Maybe we should all go outside and do a rain dance. When I walked out to the front of the house I looked at the sky. As I looked down the street in one direction the sky was blue. In the other direction, the sky was deeply dark and threatening. I have not seen clouds that dark in a while. The thunder rolls on, reminding me of who is in charge. Not me. As the thunder in the sky continues we all have crossed fingers and wish for some rain. Hey Buddy, can you spare a little rain? Please.


cube said...

I'd love to send some of our rain your way. Today (Wednesday) we are getting bucketloads and are under a flash flood warning.

Unknown said...

Grrr. Finally got some yesterday am. Woke up to it. At least the rain kept the temps down below 100.

maria said...

Would love to export some of our rain to your part of the world.

Here,in Ontario, Canada, we are having a wet summer so far, not very exciting.