Friday, June 26, 2009

A Girl and Her Dolls

Aryn has a wonderful imagination. She can make up some interesting little tales. All her dolls have stories too. They all have names and do different things. Some have short hair, others have long hair. One even lights up with a blue light in her torso and a red one on her legs. That is a little strange on some levels to me. But what do I know? And when she gathers them up to play with them, not one doll has clothes on. Why? What is it with girls and dolls? Why do theses Barbie dolls never seem to have any clothes on, not even the Ken doll. I asked her the other day why, but she really couldn't say other than Ken's clothes were somewhere in her sister's room. Ok, fair enough. As she played with a couple of the dolls she put different outfits on the and told me different stories of what they were doing. Then she decided to hunt down something for the Ken doll to wear. She only found a shirt. Well, it was a start.

Aryn sat on the living room floor playing with her dolls for quite a while. I still don't understand why one has those lights in the torso and legs. Aryn made up various scenes with all her dolls. Changing clothes and hair styles and telling the dolls what to do kept Aryn busy. Then she took the dolls clothes off again. One of the she played with was "naked dancer Barbie" she told me. As she was telling me this she was pulling the poor doll's leg right out of the socket. I told her that if she did not stop pulling the dolls leg she would have to have a hip replacement soon. But Aryn kept on with her story of the "naked dancer Barbie". Me, being the smart ass, told Aryn that the doll was going to get into trouble for dancing "naked" and could be arrested. She told me not to worry because there were no "cop" dolls there. I guess, half naked Ken was not a "cop" doll. At that point I figured I had been bested by a 6 year old so I should just leave it alone. So much for child's play.


Dr.John said...

I have always loved children's imaginations. My daughter, however, always kept the clothes on her dolls.