Monday, June 22, 2009

Time Spent, Not Necessarily Well

I've spent a good portion of the day listening to some jazz vocals on the Yahoo Launchcast. As Bobby said I was "jamming". As I took a break, Traci was ready to watch "Jon and Kate..." I don't know why people want to watch this. Traci and Annie do. Of course tonight was the "big announcement". Big deal. I don't watch the show, and I knew what was going to happen. But Traci had to lock in to it. The suspense was cutting the air. Well I guess for fans of the show it was. They blathered on and on about their problems and what they both planned to do. "Get on with it!" I said. My husband did not take that long to tell me! And that reminds me, I guess he still has not sent my mail even after Annie asked him about it. He forgot and that was nearly two weeks ago. And how come Kate never seems to wear shoes during her interviews?

I spent about 45 minutes watching Jon and Kate explain the reasons for the unsaid decision. Finally, they said what anyone with half a brain already knew. Who cares? So that is nearly an hour of my life that I will never get back. Jeez.

Now I have another fly visiting me. I finally got the other one. Look out dude. One swipe of my hand and you're dead meat.

If anyone has an extra $10 million or so there is a beach house in Malibu for sale. Barry Manilow is supposed to be selling his. I saw pictures of it. Where's the beach dude?

I'm seriously thinking of moving into the freezer. The Waco area is getting hotter by the minute. Temperatures over 100 will soon be common. Isn't it a bit early for it to be this hot? It's hot in Houston too. I talked to a gal in Tulsa, same story. My friend "Pineapple" who lives in Austin says it will be 100+ all week.

Well I guess tomorrow I'll have to dig through some more boxes in the garage to look for som elusive information for the Tx Atty General's office. They can't seem to find any information on the child support from the first ex without 15 different numbers. How do they get anything done? Then I guess I'll have to send another e-mail to the idiots in New Hampshire to re-tell them my address since my current semi-husband seems to be stuck on who know what cause he still can't seem figure out how to send a package in the mail.

There certainly has been a lot of my time spent trying to get things done. Yet nothing gets done. Yeah, time spent but not necessarily well. And to think I actually watched Jon and Kate talk and talk, yawn. No wonder David Suskind said television was a "vast wasteland".


pineapple said...

I keep hearing about these Jon & Kate people and their twenty million children. I have no idea why people would want to watch that.

and is there room in that freezer for me?

bettygram said...

I also don't watch Jon&Kate and I knew what was going to happen.
This is our hottest summer in 12 years. I need to water the flowers but know it is not good when it is so hot. I tried to wait until later but my neighbors wanted to play in their yard and my flowers are near to where they were. So I did not.

cube said...

I didn't even know who Jon & Kate were until a few weeks ago when my youngest daughter was talking about it. I think they're attention hogs who are looking to boost their ratings. I'm not a fan of the show.

Dr.John said...

I never watch " reality TV" its too unreal.

maria said...

Television is a "wasted land".

Did you notice that there is more and more commercials and I think all the channels are synchronized.

I prefer the Internet to TV.
I also read a lot instead of watching TV.

Re: Jon and Kate: I feel sorry for their kids.