Thursday, June 04, 2009

Techno-What, Face-Who

More than 40 years ago when computers were still the size of rooms my father told me to learn all I could about them because they were "the future". Why did I not listen?

I've had a pc for years now. At some point I have thought about getting a newer one, if and when I can scrape together the money. But until then I have my trusty Compaq which shows how old it is since the Compaq is now Hewlett Packard. At least as long as I have some techno-savy people in the family my little pc should continue to provide me with connections to my interests.

Ever watch an "animated" baseball game which shows the ball being pitched and a batter at the plate? I guess I could pay the money to really see the game, but why? BTW - keep the wins coming Astros!

I've been reading about the increasing number of people my age who are now tweeting (somehow that sounds odd) or on social network sites like Facebook. A few weeks ago I got on the Twitter wagon. Oops, there goes the Tweet Deck again. I wonder what is going on now? There is an ozone watch in Houston and Chris Cuomo from Good Morning America, is, well, somewhere across the world.

Now I am on Facebook. Oh joy, now what have I gotten myself into. My daughters and granddaughter are all on it. My oldest daughter wondered if she will have to "behave" now? What difference would that make? Who says I behave? This is all a little puzzling to me but I guess I will get used to it. Some day I will look back and wonder why I thought it was so hard.

One thing I have seen on my granddaughter Cheyanne's page is her artwork. She is very talented. Annie and I were looking a several of her sketches. I can only hope she inherited some of that from her great-grandmother. She would be so proud of Cheyanne. Who knew you could do so much with a computer and a lot of patience?

Then I happened to look at the pictures of some of the people I went to high school with. I have yet to stop laughing. Annie said "add them as friends..." I snorted , "Ha, Why? I have nothing in common with them anymore?" Just remembering their names was more than I really wanted.

So my next question is now what?