Saturday, November 12, 2005

Are there really no jobs in El Paso?

Do the Hispanics or people who can speak Spanish get all the jobs in El Paso? My daughter and her husband seem to think so. Right now they are living with his parents and neither one has a job. They did have an apartment while he was in school. He had a government job which was a temp one processing rural home loans with th US Agriculture Dept. Well, that job ended. They thought they were going to move, but they didnt. My daughter said she cant get a job in El Paso because she cant speak spanish. And of course the wages are low because of all the Mexicans who get the jobs. I really find it hard to believe that she cant get a job. Her sister-in-law moved to Las Cruces and got a job. Why cant they drive to Las Cruces? It is not that far. If they truly cant get a job in El Paso, why dont they look there? It's not that far to drive on a daily basis. I used to live in a small town about 70 miles from Houston. I drove 140 miles everyday to work. Are they really trying? Am I wrong? Is it really that hard to get a job? Las Cruces seems to be the closest city to El Paso, so what dont they check out the prospects there? What is the deal? I know he had an offer in Phoenix, where they used to live, but turned it down cause it didnt pay enough. Right now I dont understand, are there really no jobs for them?


(S)wine said...

It's tough all around. NOt just in El Paso. Believe me.