Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Boy, was she lucky!

Laura Pratt was driving to work Sunday morning. Her drive took her near Hooks Airport. That is where luck got into her car. As she drove she saw a small plane flying very low near her. Swerving she drove into the other lane. Suddenly the plane crashed onto her car. Sadly the two people on the plane were killed. But Laura Pratt escaped with only minor injuries. She was taken to the hospital for tests. It wasn't until Sunday night that she fully realized what had happened to her when she saw a picture of her car on the news. She was amazed and realized just how lucky she was.It was almost unbelievable. If it weren't so serious, it would almost make a funny story to tell her insurance company. I can just hear the phone call. "I've had an accident and would like to file a claim for damage to my car." "Yes, ma'me, what happened?" "I was hit by a plane." "What? Is this a joke?" If it weren't so unbelievable , it might be funny. Laura is one lucky lady.


S said...

Indeed she is! I saw that on our news up here & thought WOW! I didn't catch the whole story to hear if anyone survived or not. She definately had an angel in her car that day.