Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Man Can't Have Too Many Shirts

As I did the laundry yesterday I noticed something's not right here. My husband has more shirts than I have underwear. He's got work shirts, casual shirts and shirts he'll never wear. Some he has outgrown and some he just will not wear. He even has shirts that he inherited after his father died. He cant wear those either. I thought I'd take count of just how many he has. He usually wears the Dickie uniform type shirts to work. He has five dark blue shirt sleeve summer shirts and five dark blue long sleeve shirts. He has worn this style work shirts for years. So earlier this year he decided to change his work look a little. So he bought some colored short sleeve shirts to work in. He figured he'd scare the guys at work by wearing different coolors. So get bought five new work shirts, colored white, peach, green, tan, and orange. He wore them for a while. Now he's back to his basic blue. For week-end and going out he has four solid colored short sleeved shirts and five long sleeved solid colored shirts. He has three patterned short sleeved and four patterned long sleeve shirts which he never wears. He also has two western style heavier shirts he occasionaly wears as a light jacket. Or make that rarely. Now, he wont wear a suit so he has no dress shirts. The only time he would even consider wearing a suit is to a funeral. The last funeral was five years ago. He'll have to buy a new one for the next funeral. Since he never throws anything away, he still has shirts that he can no longer wear. Man, that's enough. What's funny is that he has a couple of shirts that he wears over and over and over. I have tried to rotate them in the closet but he still finds them. I don't know why he has so many shirts since he seems to wear the same ones so often. But, I guess a man can't have too many shirts. I took a look at my clothes-I need to do some serious shopping!


a soldiers wife said...

My husband has more shirts than I can count. I recently went through and got rid of many of them, as he also thinks he needs to save them even when they aren't even worthy of being a rag. When I told him that I got rid of some, he asked which ones and I told him the ones with the holes. His response: "I could have used those for work."