Friday, November 18, 2005

Who's in Charge Here?

Seems like every time I wash dishes Astro (the parrot) decides to start vocalizing. The longer it takes me to do the dishes the louder he gets. It is as if he is telling me that I am disturbing him. He has also figured out where the bag of peanuts is. Since he gets those as a treat, when he hears me open the bag, he moves to his feeding dish and waits.

Then, of course, we have the bickering girls, Lady and Daisy. Last night Daisy discovered my husband's cell phone. She thought the leather case would be a tasty treat. Luckily, I caught her before any permanent damage was done. And of course Daisy thinks it's great fun to nip Lady in the butt, and run circles around her, barking all the while. One good thing Lady is moving a little quicker. After all she is the Grand Dame at 8 years old.

Oh, but it gets better. During the day it never fails. As I sit down to watch my soaps, Astro decides to interrupt by vocalizing his opinion loudly. Add in the barking dogs and it becomes louder. Now what did Luke just say to Tracy? I have thought of opening the windows since it is cooler, but I swear sometimes Astro sounds almost human in his yelling. I'd hate to have the cops show up thinking somebody was being attacked.

Sometimes it feels as if the inmates are running the asylum. Where's the Haldol? Then just as quickly Daisy tuckers out. The next thing I see are Lady and Daisy lying quietly together. Of course Astro continues a running commentary on life in the Malitz zoo. Makes me wonder who really is in charge?


S said...

I'm gonna have to guess that you're not the one in charge.... they don't even allow you to think you are in charge.

Days like yours makes me glad I'm just down to 2 fish, 1 hermit crab & the dog!

cube said...

Join the club. It sounds like the inmates are running the asylum at our house too!