Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dangerous Apartments

Well, Houston's mayor and the police chief have decided that some apartment complexes are too dangerous. People who live in large complexes are more likely to be crime victims than other places. There has suddenly been an increase in crime here. A lot of this is caused by people who evacuated Louisiana. These people are also sometimes victims of crime against them because other people dont want them here. Imagine that...So the mayor and the police chief are trying to work out a system to fix the problem. Every day someone gets robbed, asaulted, or killed in and around these apartments. There are a lot of people in Houston are tired of some of the people who have moved here and are creating problems because among other things some think the world owes them. I am really curious as to how the city is going to fix the problem.


S said...

It's still all so sad & frusrating for everyone I think. George said we have an awful lot of unregistered sex offenders now in our area & that just makes me a nervous wreck!

I'd be curious to know how the city will solve that problem as well.