Thursday, November 10, 2005

Phil Garner should have been Manager of the Year

Here we go again. Houston gets no respect. I am outraged that Phil Garner did not win the Manager of the Year for the National League. Ozzie Guillen won for the American League. I realize that the voting was done at the end of the season and the the World Series does not factor into the voting decisions, but... Come on, any manager who can revive a team given up for dead in June to going to the playoffs should have more consideration. Bobby Cox was the winner. He won last year too. I dont think he did as much this year as Garner did. Garner came in third! St.Louis manager Tony LaRussa came in second. Somehow, I dont think this it right. But, Houston is no stranger to getting the shaft. We all know about the questionable unpire's calls as well as the roof flap. Historically, Houston always seem to get no respect. Houston is the fourth largest city in the country and yet it is considered to be a "small market" for TV and radio coverage. When asked to name a baseball team or football team, the average person will say something like Yankees, or Steelers, but they dont say Astros. As far as respect for the talents of our sports teams in Houston, there is none. The Houston Rockets basketball team won back to back championships but only got a regional Sports Illustrated cover. The Chicago Bulls got a national cover. There again an example of the lack of respect and "small market" mindset. What do our teams have to do to get the respect they deserve? For that matter what about the City of Houston? We have hosted the Superbowl and what do people remember? Janet Jackson. We've had the Baseball All-star game, college bowl games, yet we get no respect. The city has been in the news for the spectacular way Houston handled the thousands of hurrican evacuees. The nation was in awe that Houston could do it so fast and so well. But, our Houston Astros cant get respect. Willie Tavares handled the loss of Rookie of the Year very well, and Phil Garner handled the loss of Manager of the Year with class. The Astros are a class act. The national medial need to know. How the powers that be in Major League Baseball managed to only vote third place for Phil Garner is a crime! He should be Manager of the Year! What will happen when the Astros win the World Series? Will we get respect then? I doubt it. Phil Garner deserved to be Manager of the Year!


Bone said...

Wow, I just saw the manager of the year results in the paper today and was thinking exactly the same thing. Hard to say whether Atlanta wins in the regular season because of Cox, or despite him. Been to the playoffs 14 seasons. One championship. The Cardinals are loaded, and have been. So I don't see that Larussa does anything outstanding. If for nothing else than for the continued horrible playoff records of Larussa and Cox, I think Garner should have won.

S said...

Well that's just poopie! I agree, Garner should have gotten it. No respect at all!