Thursday, November 17, 2005

Government Speak, Ain't it Great?

I've seen reports about the new Medicare Drug program and something occured to me that has nothing to do with it. Ever notice that lawmakers make things impossible to read? How does this happen? It really doesn't matter whether it is local, state or national. Somehow it seems that all bills and laws are made in such a way that no-one can understand it. Why can't it be simple? Maybe the lawmakers dont want us to understand. Maybe there are too many lawyers making laws? I find it interesting that a person who is interested in this kind of stuff starts out with good intentions and the ability to speak plain English. Then they get elected so plain English goes out the window.It is bad enough that all the bills are packed with "pork" but it the average constituent would not understand it.Why to they have to make it so complicated? We all know what a mess the tax situation is. And to think there is panel which recommended streamlining it. If what they have done is simplify this , how come people still dont understand it? Who is getting the kickbacks? Even the health people dont understand the drug program. I know that the insurance companies going to be making big bucks. And what happens if a person has all their medicines on one program approved by a company and then the doctor gives a medicine that is not on that company's formulary? Do they have to get other coverage for that at additional cost? Why do the lawmakers make it so hard. How did they get this way. A normal person with normal views and suggestions suddenly talks in 100 word sentences when a simple five word statement would say the same thing? It is no wonder people dont trust the people who are supposed to represent them. There are thousands of pages of legislation written in this country every year. How many people actually understand them? Obviously the KISS system is not invoked for law makers.


Anonymous said...

Yeh, I think they don't want us to understand it! Derek