Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Daisy's Test

Well, today was an eventful one. I had to leave the house for a couple of hours. I had to put Daisy in our bathroom. Our bathroom is big and has a window so there is plenty of light. So I put Daisy in there with one of her stuffed toys and a chew toy, hoping this would amuse her and keep her out of trouble. Surprise, it worked. She was well behaved, and didn't leave me any gifts. I have also started the "positive" training by watching do her business outside and rewarding her when she does it. I have also discovered that I am going to have to leash train her. Apparently she has never been for a walk on a leash. So before she and Lady can go for a walk around the neighborhood, I have to get her used to it. Just like breaking a horse, but much, much smaller. Hopefully she will improve. Now if I can just teach her not to pick at Lady. Lady is not amused by Daisy's attempts to engage her in play. Lady, being the diva of the house, has no desire to run and play or give up any of her space to this youngster. This includes my lap. Lady is learning to tolerate certain things. Funny, they can be barking, nipping and snarling one minute and lying together in the same chair the next. So far today has been good. No accidents yet, she still thinks I am her pillow though. I can't sit down with out her hoping into the chair with me, especially if Lady is there, too. Only time will tell.


S said...

Coooooooool! Sounds like a good day indeed!

cube said...

Firmness & routine coupled with lots of love & praise will win the day. Good girl, Daisy.