Monday, July 24, 2006

Ad Sense

I think most of us really either don't like advertizing or just ignore it. I now flip the channel every time I see Taylor Hicks singing for Ford. Dr.Z is not the doctor I would choose. So this morning I saw something funny, at least to me. A man uses the facility in a public place. As he stands there doing his thing, he sees something at the bottom of the urinal. It's an ad! Not only that it is talking to him! Ok, to me that is a little extreme. Men are not known for having good aim, right? Now, just imagine the panic caused by this ad. Gives new meaning to the phrase "waving the wand". Then there is the decision by some airlines to place ads on the "barf bags". Is this a good idea? Anyone who has to use the bag is certainly not interested in what the ad on the bag says. I've heard that advertizing people are trying to think of new and creative ways to get their message across. Is there no place sacred anymore? Sorry guys. Wonder what they will do in the women's restroom? At least I've never had to use the bag on a plane. I have read the airline's magazines. There are enough ads there, thanks. Somehow, the thought of an unsuspecting man discovering an ad at the bottom of a urinal is funny. At least to me.


Callen Damornen said...

What I find amusing about it is people usually relate to the ad depending on the mood at the time of exposure. I think if I were to see an ad for a brand new Ford in a barf bag, every time I saw a Ford I would want to puke.

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We adults might hate watching ads on TV programs as they're too many but toddlers do love them. It keeps them quiet and their eyes glued without a wink.
Hi! I'm here from Dr. John.

(S)wine said...

1. you haven't mentioned CBS advertising their programs on eggs.
2. having toddlers watch TV because it "keeps them quiet and their eyes glued without a wink" is a pretty fucking shitty way to be a parent. I've raised one, and I currently have a 2 year old, and TV is the LAST thing on our minds when it comes to keeping her busy and engaged.

Dr.John said...

Its funny to me too. Just a note to let you know that you are the only one who has a chance to win the Christmas train on tomorrow's JCPOINT drawing. Good luck.

Duez said...

Those DR. Z ads "drive" me crazy! That's what TiVo is for though. Unfortunately I can't time shift my radio, the Dr. Z ads are on there even more.