Friday, July 21, 2006

A Nothing Day

Nothing. It's one of those hot summer days which inspire nothing. Nothing of importance is happening. Nothing happened yesterday either. The dogs have decided to have nothing to do with each other. One is in one room, the other in a different room. I have to pay the electric bill today. I will have nothing left after I do. I have been searching for a cheaper place to live, found nothing, yet. We need to clean out our storage building so that we can put extra furniture in it. What have we done? Nothing. We need to re-arrange the garage, yet have done nothing. I need to do some things in the garden, yet I go outside and do nothing. I need to buy groceries but nothing appeals to me. The Astros are doing nothing to make fans think they will go to the post season. The Texas City police, FBI and ATF made a big production of blowing up some possible bomb making material found in an apartment. The complex was evacuated, the media was kept at a distance, news choppers kept two miles away. The material was detonated. What happened? Nothing. People were led to believe this would be a big news story. Apartment complex demolished by bomb squad. Not really. After they detonated all the material and the resulting fire, nothing else really happened. But it is Friday. The weekend is near. Wonder what we will do. Probably nothing.


Pixie said...

Dontcha just love "nothing"?? It's really too hot to do much of anything anyway. Especially cleaning out the garage & storage!

Anonymous said...

I found this post to be a great inspiration.