Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Baby Boom?

So, according to a study, Conservatives are having more babies than Liberals. Just where did they get the money to study this? Apparently the Independents weren't asked. The Conservative Republicans have more babies than the Liberal Democrats 208 to 147. So what? What does this say about the political parties? Since many Conservative Republicans oppose birth control, what does that actually say.If we believe that logic where did Robert Kennedy, a Liberal Democrat, fit in with 11 kids? Obviously, the Kennedy family being Catholic did not use birth control. Are the Republicans having more sex than the Democrats? Do Independents have sex? Does anyone care?

Using this social trends study, I can assume that my older daughter will have three Liberal Democrat children because she and her husband are Democrats while my other daughter will have two Conservative Republican children because their parents voted for the Conservative Republicans.

According to this study 80 percent of people with a political preference do so because their parents had the same preference. Maybe this works with people of voting age, but how can one assume that will always work? My father was a Democrat and my mother was Republican. I've been both, now I would consider myself an Independent.

If this study is accurate, we can assume there are and will be more Republicans. A word to the wise...Independents and Democrats need to have more sex, quit using birth control and have more babies. We need to even up the odds! Enjoy yourselves!


Trinity13 said...

Well, you also have to consider that a majority of Dems are pro-choice were as Reps are usually pro-life. So it would probably equal out if abortions were illegal.

Catch said...

I think if we all had more sex it would be a happier world! lol