Monday, August 21, 2006

Daisy, You've Been Very Naughty

What's the number to SuperNanny? Daisy, you've been very, very naughty. Just when we thought we could trust you, too. You are over a year old now. You've been doing well with your house training. We thought you were finished with some things. But, the last few days you have not behaved. I used to have to close all the doors to the rooms so you would not go into them. I had to keep the door to the den closed while you and I were there. You did so well that we started opening the door so that you could go upstairs. You and Lady were being nice but You are being bad now. Same on you. I caught you chewing on desk leg. Then I noticed that you had been pulling the cardboard off boxes in the living room. I know they have the Dickens Village in them but you can't tear them up. And don't ask why those boxes are still in the living room! But last night was the worst! Jimmy had the heating pad on the bed because his was having some back pain. So, Why did Daisy decide to tear into the pad and pull out the little foam pad that is for moist heat? Now I have to got see if I can find a thin piece of foam to put back in the heating pad. You are just lucky you didn't try to chew on the electric cord or the heating unit.

Daisy, you are in Big trouble!


Catch said...

I dont think any dog can resist foam!!!! I am getting ( I think) a dog today. Im going to look at it at 430. Its a puggles....pug and beagle....we have been dogless for a couple months now....:((...this one isnt a puppy though. I cant stand the chewing stage! I once had a lab who chewed up my kitchen floor while I was online!!!! I had just had new linoleum installed about 6 months earlier and I about croaked when I walked into the kitchen!!!! Guess she was mad that I was online!