Monday, August 14, 2006

Just Give It Back

Somehow I have misplaced my energy. Or maybe it was stolen. I just want it back, no questions asked. It's not nice to steal, so whoever took it please return it. If you really need energy, I'll share it with you. Ok, maybe that's won't work. But, I've been looking all over for it and haven't found it. I took the dogs outside to see if they could find it. Daisy bounced around while Lady lay on the patio. We must have looked under every blade of grass. No energy there. Back inside we went. Up the stairs we went. I didnt leave it in the laundry room or in the bed. Not under the bed either. Back down the stairs we went. How does one long dog go down stairs so fast?

I just don't have any desire to do anything. Don't want to walk, watch tv, or read. I don't want to clean house. I just stand there and look. I don't want to cook. It is a bit cooler standing in front of the freezer trying to decide what I probably won't fix for dinner. I need to clean out cabinets. The kitchen pantry is so full of stuff that I can't find anything. I really need to get all the stuff out of the pantry that Amanda put in there. But that sound too much like work. Wonder when she will be back to get it? I really need to shampoo the carpets. But, if I don't buy the shampoo, I can't do it. How's that for logic?

Maybe it is the heat. Maybe I'm just lazy. Maybe I just don't want to think about it. But I really need to find my energy. If I put too many things off too long, I really won't want to do anything.

Don't expect any ransom to be paid. If I have to pay you, you might as well keep it. I would like it back though. So, if you find my energy, please, just give it back, no questions will be asked. After all, you might find yourself without energy someday. You'll want yours back then. Now, if I get on the exercise bike maybe I can find the energy to move, or maybe not.


TEN33GIRL said...

I lost most of my energy back in 1997.. before my first kid was born.. It's kicking it somewhere with my small waistline ;p

B.R.L said...

I didn't take it. Don't have any myself.

maria said...

Dear Jill,

Maybe your iron and hemoglobins
are too low.

Why not have them checked out?
A few months ago my doctor called
me in his office after some blood
tests and this is exactly what was

I had been tired for years,believe
it or not .I felt exactly as you do
now.I couldn't even think.It was

Give it a try.