Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drive Friendly

There used to be signs along Texas highways which said the Texas drives friendly. Hum. We in Houston have to wonder sometimes about friendly driving. But at least we are not considered the drivers with the most rage. Miami drivers got that honor. Good heavens, all those happy retired people who moved from up north are rude? What does that say about retired people? Are they crabbier that the rest of us? Well? And to think that Dallas-Ft. Worth is friendlier than we are. That is what the report said. I can't imagine that. After all we salute everybody. Cut us off in traffic, we salute. Run stop signs, we salute. Honk horns at us, we salute. Grab the parking space we were waiting for, we salute. Don't pay attention because a person is too busy talking on the cell phone, we salute.

So Portland has the fewest reports of road rage. Miami has the most. Houston is ranked #11 and Dallas-Ft.Worth is ranked #21 nearly at the bottom. Do the people in Dallas have fewer issues than we do in Houston? Do the drivers in Portland mutter under their breath while smiling at the idiot who cut them off? I guess they don't plan to retire in Miami. Who would want to leave the rain, snow and winter cold to move to hot, sticky Miami?

To all those wonderful happy drivers in Portland and the angry, raging drivers in Miami, come to Houston. We will be happy to salute you just like we do all the drivers here. Drive Friendly, Ya'll.


Dr.John said...

My wife now does most of the driving and Texas is a little too far away for us. Thank you for taking part in my 800th blog entry celebration.