Friday, April 24, 2009

Dog Days, Why Me?

Did you ever have one of those days when everything irritates you? Do you know who or what irritated you? Today was my day. First, I think maybe I missed my calling (who called?) as a dog psychiatrist? Sammie, the lab mix seems to think that she is a lap dog who wants to tell me all of her problems. I sat down on the couch and here she came, up into my lap. Since when does a lab mix get the idea of being a lap dog? Anytime they want I guess. So, here she is. Big black head and soulful brown eyes looking intently at me. Uh, Sammie, you need to lay on the couch if you want to see your psychiatrist. So that is what she did. Head in my lap, she proceeded to give me the painful details (sort of) regarding the mess her life is now that two interlopers have invaded her territory. She needed a belly rub and a few words. Yes she actually looked at me with some intent while I spoke. What the intent was I don't know. Probably some spiteful thoughts about Lady and Daisy. After a few minutes she decided the session was over. Probably because the little ones came home from school.

Oh, but Sammie was not the only problem child of the day. Oh no. Both Lady and Daisy got on my nerves. Lady refused to eat her food, instead opting for the chance meeting with food dropped from the table by said children.Or she decided that she wanted to sit at Sammie's food bowl and stare at me as if to tell me she wanted something. This, even though she had already been fed. Ever been stared at by a little dog?

Then the brat of the day honor went to Daisy. First I had to make my bed three times before I finally gave up. Each time after I had it made, Daisy would get on and unmake the bed to her satisfaction. I finally gave up. Then she kept pestering me to go outside for a purpose I have yet to figure out. Maybe to annoy me. All day long she either followed me around or prowled around looking to see what she could get into for some kind of kick. She has been stealing the kids underwear from the floor or the bathroom. Well, she thinks it is fair. They left them where she could get them, right? Then when I thought she would finally be still on the blanket after supper, she would have none of that. She watched the cat and Sammie as they snatched food left on plates from supper.It was as if she was getting pointers on how to do this. Sit down and be quiet! Ha. One dog who does not want to be still and behave is enough to really, I mean really, irritate me. It was like I had two nerves left(imagine that after the last 6 weeks) and she was standing on one of them. Finally after the game was half over and Lady had decided to eat the cat food, I had enough! Both of you, to bed! Finally quiet! Alas my bed is yet again unmade by Daisy and Lady is in her chair snoring. Maybe I should just go to bed myself. That is if Daisy will let me in.