Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Do I Look Like, the Pied Piper?

Since I joined Twitter I have been finding various things to follow from Annie, Traci, and Bobby to Houston news, GMA, and the Astros and Texans teams. It is kind of fun to get little notes about what is going on. However the Astros have not had much luck so they aren't saying much. But the whole Twitter thing is interesting. I've got "people" following me who I have no clue who they are. That's a "huh" moment.

Traci and Annie twittered about "Friday Night Lights" season finale. I can keep up with bits and peices of the national news. When I found that the Houston Texans football team was on Twitter, I thought "cool". After all it won't be too long till the new season schedule will be anounced. They will twitter me when they do. After all I follow them and they "follow" me. Though I doubt a person actually looks at what I say on twitter. But I did get a funny notice yesterday which made me laugh. "The Texans Cheerleaders are now following you..." Yeah, standard reply when you start following something. Some how that struck me funny. Ok, so all these guys are following me on Twitter. So just where are we going? Are they lost?

The other day I found another person "following" me but not on Twitter. I'm being followed on my Yahoo messenger. That is a little strange. Every afternoon this person logs in to Yahoo messenger with an "available" status and a status note. I noticed that a couple of these status notes, which are not chats, were directed at me. Strange I thought, especially since they are from my husband! The other day I had "bored" on my status. I had already read a couple of chapters of a book, watched two tv shows, listened to the radio, and a cd. What else could I do I thought. Next thing I see is a note next to his avatar - read a book. Excuse me, who asked you for a comment? So apparently even though we are not currently speaking, he is following me on line. Why?

So with all these people "following" me I am beginning to feel like they must think I know where I am going. I don't. Maybe I should just go in circles. So attention all followers: If you are going to follow me, bring a map. It's going to be a long trip.


Dr.John said...

I only follow your blog and that only now and then.
Have fun going round and round.