Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Two Unhappy Dogs.

I guess the garden will be happy. Bobby had said the other day he was hoping it would rain before he had to water. He got his wish. Two days now it has been raining. I wonder if there are any more rattlesnakes hiding out in the yard. Hopefully they have moved on.

Lady and Daisy are not happy with wet feet. I took them out this morning and you would have thought I was about to torture them. Daisy did hers right away and ran back to the porch. Lady , on the other hand, just stood there. "I have no intention of doing anything now, woman" she seemed to say. I pushed her out into the area that was newly mowed thinking she would do better there. Nope. We ended up in a staring contest as she looked up at me without moving. Where is Dana Carvey when you need him? "Not gonna do it". So I picked Lady up and inside we went. She then hid in her chair. Not so fast Lady. I let her think about it for a while. Another hour or so and she will have to give in. Yeah, I had to put the leash on her and take her out front to do anything. She was not the least bit happy with me. It's tough to be dissed by a dog.


Dr.John said...

Dogs do their own thing. Ours barks to go out and you open the door and she stands half in and half out while she makes up her mind. You can't push her out or pull her back in.