Monday, April 06, 2009

Patterns of Life

I'm beginning to see the patterns of life around here. The family pets have theirs. They are adjusting, sort of, to my dogs. Sammy the lab mix has decided that I should be her friend. Then she tries to pick a fight with Daisy. "I was here first" type of mentality I guess. Then Sammy looks at me with those big brown eyes, pleading for attention. So this morning as I am sitting on the couch drinking my coffee both Sammy and the sneezing cat decide that I am fair game. First the cat decides to get down off the back of the couch and into my lap.All well and good until said cat decides to stretch out the front feet and stick claws into my shirt. Daisy is on my left side with her head in my lap and is only tolerating the interloper taking up space on me. Sammy is on the other side wanting attention. Then I get stuck in the middle when the cat decides that Sammy is too close. Ok, guys do I look like the United Nations of animals?

Then I am stilling learning to cope with neighbors who just pop over at will. There is a little girl who likes to play with Aryn. Almost every afternoon she knocks on the door multiple times to ask Aryn to play outside. So Aryn goes in and out. Sometimes the "playtime" is short and "Sara" goes home only to return a little while later, over and over.

But the most interesting of the neighbor families is the one next door. The father is in the Army, currently in Iraq. The wife works during the day. they have three teenagers. Dad was home for a while when I first got here. It seems that he and the rest of the family like to pop in just about any old time. knock on the door and walk in...hum. Cheyanne is 13 and is buddies with their 17 year old girl. Ok, though it is a little odd that the 17 year old is such good friend with a 13 year old. But they are both smart and make great grades in school.

But yesterday morning one of the younger teens knocked on the door (at least he didn't come in) at 7:30 am. Bobby was not at all happy. He basically told the kid to go home.Yikes! Who goes next door at that hour of the morning on a Sunday? Later that day, boy teen pops in saying his Mom wanted to know if Traci had any toilet paper. Yes, I said toilet paper! This is the same mom who went to town the day before and popped over asking if Traci needed anything. Go figure. I still have no idea why she needed toilet paper.

Yes, the patterns of life are a bit different here. I guess I will eventually get used to the free wheeling comings and goings of the neighbors. Oh and I met the "creepy guy" from across the street yesterday too. I see why they call him creepy...


Dr.John said...

It sounds like an interesting pattern. We have been here almost two years and our neighbors keep changing.

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

cube said...

I think it would take me a long time to get used to that. Don't these folks have a phone?

BTW I don't think Natasha really read your post ;-)

Unknown said...

Yeah, who the heck is Natasha? I don't plan to take a look. The people next door drive me a little nuts. I'm not used to a knock, then a pop in. It is even worse when the husband is home. He shows up for coffe in the am, etc... I'm not used to that kind of causal coming and going.