Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So It isn't "High Noon"

That sneezing cat is now on my list! Beware of women with an attitude! Look, you sneezing cat, I've ignored you sitting behind me and playing with my hair. I've even forgiven you for sneezing all over me multiple times. I understand that Brad forgets to feed you. I hear your plaintive cries as you plead with me to get you some food. But I draw the line with you using my dog's bed as your litter box.

You may have to search for your litter box. Sometimes Traci puts it outside. Sometimes it is in her bedroom. Most of the time it is in the corner of the kitchen. Yes, I know that Cheyanne sometimes neglects to clean it fast enough to suit you. But the next time you come into my domain, also known as my bedroom, and attempt to take a dump in the dog bed we will go to war. How does a blue, yellow and green blanket look like cat litter? You are lucky that you could not dig into it. You are unlucky because you pooped in the corner of the room, right behind the door. I saw you! I know what you did and I am the one who had to clean it up! Beware cat, you may have nine lives, but one might get a little shorter if you do that again.

Consider this the first salvo of the war. As long as you respect my boundaries and I stay out of yours, we will be ok. Try to poop in the dog bed again and the truce will be broken.Are you listening to me Sneezy? Probably not. I know how you cats are. You are so much more civilized than us humans, or so you think. We are to be tolerated unless you want something from us. Remember that when Brad ignores you pleas and I get you your food and water...


Dr.John said...

Come on now. Be nice to the cat. It has psychological problems causing the sneezing.

cube said...

A cat, psychological problems notwithstanding, prefers to use a kitty litter box unless the box is unavailable for whatever reason. I'm sorry your dog had to pay the price, but it sounds like the poor cat has to play hide & seek just to find its accepted place to go.