Sunday, April 26, 2009


I sit here listening to Norah Jones and relaxing in the quiet of her songs. It dawned on me that I have been listening to music most of the day. Of course I had to stop to catch the Astros as they beat the Brewers in a squeaker 3-2. And supper was good. Bobby made home made Chinese style food. Fried rice, beef strips onion and broccoli stir-fried and a garden salad. Other than the rice and beef most of the meal came from the garden.

I just sat down to look at all the music I played today. I have listened to a range of music from Pete Fountain's Dixieland to Bernie Williams, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Bette Midler and Russell Watson. And of course now Norah Jones. Haven't decided what will be next. A little wine and a little music...what can I say about that. It does seem to help take away some of the pain.

TIME OUT-- rattlesnake on patio!!!

Yes I said rattlesnake. A small rattlesnake found it's way to the patio and was curled up as the cat was investigating. Aryn came running into my room in terror telling me about it. We watched and listened to it rattle. Bobby was finally able to kill it and Traci put it into the trash can since the trashman comes tomorrow. That ought to be a surprise. Now we have to wonder are there more out there?

Did I say peace? So much for that little bit of quiet. Just try keeping dogs and kids inside while the snake is dispatched. Ok so now I have had my peace and now I am trying to relax again. I don't think I will be walking into the back yard for a while. Ok problem solved. Now what did I do with my wine?


Dr.John said...

Perhaps snow isn't so bad. At least there are no rattlesnakes.

cube said...

Your peace was as short-lived as mine usually is around the zoo we call home.

Bazza said...

"most of the meal came from the garden" well done Jill, we grow all our own vegetables, and it's a very busy time of year at the moment.