Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Sounds of Music

We went to see Cheyanne's band concert last night. Cheyanne plays the french horn in the 7th grand band. We think they did quite well. The 8th grand band also played. I have always wondered why, in a school band concert, do they always seem to play the music of some obscure composer. One the other hand I'm not up to date on some of the classical composers. Oh well. The 7th and 8th grade choirs each sang beautifly. No guys in the choirs though.

We also saw some very good art work by various students some of whom received medals. I found the subject choices and the detail of these to be very good. It was a little hard to believe how young these artists are.

The evening's "hosts" were two high school students. The girl wore a hot pink cocktail dress and silver stiletto heels. Traci wondered how much money her parents spent on the outfit. It was a little hard for the hosts to move things along because the choirs had to come from different areas. A sort of cute thing was when these two hosts presented medals to the young artists. Why did no one tell these kids to sit together instead of being all over the place? That caused a good bit of time lag and unlike presenters on tv the hosts did not know how to fill time.

Did I say the bands sounded wonderful? Last on the program was the hight school drill team, the "electric blue". Columbia blue is the school team color. At first I felt a little embarrassed for the girls. The curtains opened as the girls stood in a straight line across the stage. They stood there for what seemed to be an eternity. Apparently someone did not know how to work the tape player. Yikes. Mercifully some one thought to close the curtain while the "technical" bugs with the music were worked out. Finally the drill team did their thing. Somehow how I will never hear the theme music to "Knight Rider" the same way again. There were a couple of other "music" pieces that I did not recognize but I guess the kids did. As far as the drill team... well let's just say they were not exactly light on their feet. Traci had warned me "they suck". Yeah, right, I thought, they can't be that bad. Oh yes they can...

Did I tell you how much we enjoyed the band and we are so proud of Cheyanne? I hope she will continue to enjoy being in the band. Keep up the good work Cheyanne!


cube said...

French horn? That's not an easy instrument to play. Good for Cheyanne.