Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ode to Moggie

Moggie, I hardly knew you.
You were always around and played with all the kids.
Other pets came and went but you were always there.
You were Traci's pet, you just allowed the rest of us near.
When I moved here I saw how wasted you were. I knew.
Your time was near. You spent a lot of time hiding.
You seemed to stare at your food.
One time I found you in the bathtub.
Several times you slept under my bed. The dogs knew.
You liked to walk out to the garden and sit at it's edge.
You went out yesterday and didn't come back.
It rained most of the day, we found you later in your spot.
Now you have found peace. Bye Moggie.


cube said...

Poor Moggie.

cube said...

Is that the sneezy cat?

Unknown said...

No, not the sneezy one

Dr.John said...

The loss of any pet is sad.

Bazza said...

a nice epitaph, we have a lot of cats living in our area, but i only like ours, a bit like the kids as well.