Friday, July 06, 2007

Come On, Hit Us Aagin

Did you ever have one of those days when you wish you could just disappear? Yeah, I am going to rant now. That was fair warning. Yesterday I got the electric bill which turned out to be twice as much as I expected. It was only about $40 less than the same time last year for the big house we were renting. Ouch! I thought about calling the electric company-maybe they read it wrong. No, I do now want to pay $75 for them to re-read the meter. Maybe Jimmy can get one of the AC guys he knows to come out here at check the compressor. So, I'll just have to turn the thermostat up.

The guy did come to fix the roof. Yeah, the ladylady just knew it could not be the roof. Now we will have to wait till another hard rain to see if it works. That could be at any time. There is so much water at the back of the building I'm thinking of buying some fish!

Late in the evening on the 4th we heard some loud car noises that seemed to be coming from around the fire station which is right behind our building. We thought some kids were trying to race. The noise went on and on. Of course Daisy went nuts! So Jimmy, Amanda and I walked outside to see what was going on. We discovered that a couple of guys had a small suv stuck in the mud behind the firestation. They were spinning the wheels in an attempt to get away. It took them a good twenty minutes to get away. They left a mess! In hindsight we are now wondering if those guys were trying to steal stuff from the AC units.

When we got up this morning Jimmy discovered that some-one broke into his truck. He was really mad when he found that some of his tools were stolen. They stole a laser, a drill, and a nail gun set which added up to about $1500. Needless to say he went to work mad. He already needs a new radiator which went don't have the money to get right now. We just had to fix the ac in the car. We are wondering if the same guys who drove around the fire station are the same ones who broke into our truck. It is funny that neither of the front neighbors heard anything, but Daisy did. Maybe our neighbors sleep deeply. Their windows face the parking lot and one of them has a pit bull that frequently barks at things.

Ok, now that I have ranted, I'm off to watch Norah Jones sing.