Saturday, July 07, 2007

Well.There Is One Good Thing

Jimmy has been hoping to replace his radiator in his truck for weeks now. They are just too expensive. But he had to get one because he will have to go to Austin Monday. The thought of buying a radiator for over $150 was a hard pill to swallow with our tight budget. While browsing around the net yesterday, he ran across a company that sells radiators. They apparently had locations here in Houston. Jimmy called them and discovered they had one for his truck. In addition they would deliver it to him for $120. Not bad service to deliver it right here.

Installing it should not be a problem. He thinks it should be easy to do. Then while looking under the hood, he discovered that the one of the drive belts has worn through about half way. Just great, I can see it breaking on the way to Austin. He decided to go ahead and pick one up in addition to some new anti-freeze and new radiator hoses. Let's all keep our fingers crossed!


Bazza said...

Fingers and toes crossed as requested.