Monday, July 02, 2007

Pant, Pant, Wine Anyone?

Ah, yes peace is back. It was an interesting few days. Our "blind dates" were nice people. Jan was a lot of fun. Like so many people these days she has to take her laptop with her to keep in touch with the office. Sonny Jourgenson who was a quarterback for the Washington Redskins football team is one of her clients. The one thing I was not prepared for was how much that she drinks. Man, she would start at about 4:30 and keep going till she went back to the hotel. I should have bought two bottles! Of course then Daisy had to try to get some of that wine too. I learned a while back not to leave a glass of wine within her reach. Who knew I'd have a lush for a dog.

Jeff was a day late getting here due to having to drive in the rain. Driving a U-Haul type truck is not fun in good weather much less in thunderstorms. He is very happy to be moving back to Alabama. His wife, Christine, makes good money as a financial analyst for a major company. I have to wonder a little about them though. We never saw her. We met Jeff in the motel lobby and then went to dinner while his wife visited her family. Listening to their radio conversations makes me wonder about them. I did not hear him say one good thing about her and she apparently controls a large part of their lives. Due to severe health problems he is now retired at 49. His wife is 18 years younger than he is. We went to dinner and had a nice visit. I just have an odd feeling about their relationship. Oh well.

Then we were supposed to go out to eat with my son Friday after our "Dates" left, but he cancelled Thursday night saying he did not have the money. He, instead, invited us to an afternoom barbeque at his place on Saturday. Now he lives way out at the edge of town in a tiny trailer. Ok, no problem. Money is tight. I get that. So imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw how filthy the place was. He lives in this little place with his girlfriend and her four year old son. Apparently the girlfriend and a vacuum cleaner have never met. There was dirt and trash everywhere. The carpet had stains and dirt all over it. Even the furniture was dirty. When I sat down on the couch to eat, I nearly gagged from the smell of urine. I don't know if this was from the little boy or the two little dogs. This just upset me no end. I am furious at my son for allowing such a lack of care in his home. I would say they live in a pig sty, but pigs are cleaner!

So now I have a new bottle of wine. This bottle should last longer than two days. Then of course we have just discovered that the roof is leaking in the upstairs bathroom fan and in the recessed light in front of the fireplace. I called the landlady this morning. She tried to tell me that it was the heating unit drip pan. Uh, this leaking is on the other side of the house. Jeez. Then the roofer called to talk to me. Since it is still raining he will try to get out here tomorrow. Yeah, it is supposed to rain tomorrow.

But we are getting a nice Virginia ham. Jan is going to send us one. That is nice. Now I have to go finish the laundry. That is if the roof is not leaking there too. Apparently they have had trouble there too. Oh my. This might be a three glass of wine evening.