Tuesday, July 03, 2007

So So

Seems like it is going to be another one of those days. More rain is expected. Again. I wonder what tomorrow will be like with rain expected for the day. Montgomery Gentry is headlining the 4th celebration. I don't follow country music so I am not really familiar with there songs. I will probably recognize some of their songs if I hear them. There is going to be a big fireworks display tomorrow night. It's billed as the nation's largest land based display and will be on tv here. Let's see do I watch that or do I watch the Astros?

I'm hoping Roy Oswalt gets picked for the All-Stars. I tried to vote but couldn't get in earlier. I'll try later. At least we will have Carlos Lee playing in the game. Too bad we could not get Craig Biggio voted in. I'm wondering about the rest of our season. One of the sportscasters who has been trying to stay positive reported that the Astros would probably not make it to the playoffs. According to him the team would have to win better than 55 games and lose only 25 games the rest of the season to have a chance. That was sobering. Of course the front runners could do a belly flop, right? It's been known to happen. Oh well, we can look forward to Biggio breaking a few more records maybe. I wonder if he will retire at season's end? He's playing so well. It's hard to believe that a 40 year old make can run the bases as fast as he does.

Right now I am waiting for the roofer to come look at the roof. Yesterday it was leaking in the hall bathroom and also downstairs in front of the fireplace. When I called the landlady she thought it might be the drip pan from the heating unit. Jeez...Hey lady, this happened while the rain was falling. It doesn't leak any other time. Besides the heating unit is on the other side. Right now I just hope the guy does not show up when Amanda is in the shower. Right now she is still sleeping. When she gets up she takes a long shower. With my luck that's when he'll show up.

I think Daisy misses her wine friend. Jan had to fend off Daisy more than once while she was drinking wine. I think Daisy is a lush in training.

So, I am still thinking about the way my son is living. Ugh. I guess neither he or his girlfriend have been formerly introduced to the vacuum cleaner that is taking up space in the corner of the kitchen. And I thought I hated housework!

My tomato plants are procreating well. The small cherry type is really going wild. I can't keep up. It's a good thing we like them. At least we like salads.

So I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July.


pineapple said...

I have been so frustrated with the Astros that I haven't even considered going to Houston to see a game this year.