Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Held Hostage- by Dachshunds!

Sunday was a quiet day for us. Jimmy played online poker. I spent the time flipping through channels trying to watch the Astros and NASCAR. I am not that into racing but Jimmy likes to watch it. I guess for the dogs, Lady and Daisy, it must have been a dog day afternoom. They have taken relaxation to an art form.

When Lady and Daisy relax together in a chair, it usually means a bit of a squabble. Jockeying for position on a race track is nothing compared to the ballet these two dance. As I sat in the chair watching the Astros play, I felt the eyes of Lady staring holes into me. I looked down to see her sitting up begging me to put her im my lap. At nearly ten years old, it is a little hard for her to climb into some chairs. So I picked her up. She wormed her way around beside me, backing herself into her favorite spot. Not to be left out, Daisy jumped into my lap. As she settled her self down length-wise across my lap, I realized that I was now a hostage. Ever been held hostage by a dachshund? Or two? Here was one dog sucked up close beside me and the other one lying across me. It was a little crowded. With Daisy across me completely relaxed and Lady beside me snoring, I could not move. I never really thought about how long a mini-dachshund really is until I was stuck in the chair with Lady and Daisy. Lady was backed up into the chair with her head nearly hanging over the edge. Daisy takes up more room because she is longer than Lady. As she relaxed across my lap, she almost covered the width of the chair. Obviously I was not going any where any time soon. Both dogs were totally at ease. Good thing I did not need to go to the bathroom. Then I began to feel just how relaxed Daisy was as she lay across me. As she lay sleeping, I began to feel the "dead weight" of her across my legs.

What we had here was a hostage situation. I was not going to be allowed to move a muscle without creating havoc. If I moved a muscle Lady would wake and give me a dirty look because I had disturbed her sleep. Then Daisy would turn her head back toward me as if to say "where do you think you are going?" So much for any plans I may have had to get out of my chair. I was at the mercy of two dachshunds. At least I had the remote control at hand so I could at least change the tv channel. They did allow me to do that. Moving out of the chair was out of the question. I was under complete control of two dachshunds. Talk about taking control!