Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Men Who Can Put Sheets on a Bed or Cot

As I trolled the news channels yesterday I saw something funny. The Senate was getting ready for an all-nighter. Here came the men with the beds. Ok, they were cots. But they still had sheets. I watched a couple of guys put sheets on these cots. See, a man can make a bed. So what if it is a cot, the theory is still the same. Put on the fitted sheet and then the top sheet. Some men insist that they can't do this. In reality they don't want to do this. I guess they think it is beneath them. Oh, for Heaven's sake, it's a bed, not brain surgery. I have an ex-husband who I never saw even attempt to make a bed. Why? He could change a tire but could (would)not make a bed. Ask him to make the bed and he turned into a puddle of jelly. I'm not talking hospital corners here, just get the sheets on the bed. Hospital corners? The only hospital corners he knew were the ones at the end of the hallway he found while trying to find my room in the maternity ward. Even my son has an aversion to making a bed. He can't tell me he does not know how because I taught him. He had to make his bed when he was a kid. What is it with men and beds. They waste no time getting into them, but can't figure out how to make them.

Sorry, but that is not true. It is there on the news. Men bringing in the cots and putting on the sheets for the Senators. Most of whom are men. I don't think that the guys bringing in the cots for the all night Senate session have any magical powers. They can however, put sheets on a bed. Yes it is possbile for a man to make a bed. It's right there on tape for the world to see.


.Tom Kapanka said...

I must confess... this is true. But in fairness, when I do make the bed, it's never quite to my wife's satisfaction. There are no less than 10 pillows on our bed and I never quite get them right. Hey, they're called "throw pillows" not "arrange pillows" for a reason. =)

Unknown said...

I applaud you! My husband will make the bed too. I'm one of those women who is just glad that he would take the time to do it that I would never complain or be critical. To me, it's the thought(attempt) that counts.