Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't Sprint to Sprint(to Complain)

How is this for customer service. Sprint/Nextel had decided to dump some 1,000 customers for complaining too much. The company said that some of these people had called with complaints as much as 40 times a month. No matter what the company did the customer was not satisfied. Hum...I can not imagine calling to complain that many times in a month. I guess it is possible to have a really bad problem with a phone or service. It makes me wonder what was going on. Are the phones that bad? I know that sometimes a phone doesn't work right or breaks. Jimmy's phone broke once. He took it back to the store and they gave him a new one. What kind of complaints does Sprint get that have made them decide to cancel those customers contracts? Is this a good business practice? With so many other cell phone companies out there, why would they want to get rid of customers? On the other hand I remember the trouble Amanda had trying to cancel the AOL service. That was a real mess. Apparently she was just one of thousands who had that problem. AOL ended up being reported to the FTC because of it. I guess I will have to remember not to complain more than a couple of times a year. After all we have been with Sprint for nearly eight years. Do you hear that Sprint? I wonder how much actual time/money it takes to service these complaining customers? Is it really more cost effective to get rid of those customers? I have to wonder who will win this war.


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