Friday, July 27, 2007

Let's Fly

Yesterday was a day that finds me wondering what is going on with us. There were a couple of problems at airports in California and Washington state. We even had a couple of problems here in Houston. One of which was a smoke smell in a control tower, the other a blown tire on take-off. Just imagine having to fly around for a couple of hours burning off fuel. Such fun for the passengers, especially when they have to go back where they started.

Then we find out that someone sabotaged a computer that was to go to the space station. Talk about a disgruntled employee. I wonder what this person thought he/she would accomplish with that. Are they trying to disgrace NASA? Then we hear that some unnamed astronauts flew drunk. How many times have we seen an airline pilot grounded for that? Talk about flying high!

Then we have to wonder what the Attorney General is really saying. Is he being truthful or not. What if anything can or will be done. Mr. Gonzales has Mr. Bush's total and complete support. My question is who has dirt on whom? Well at least there is loyalty here. Not much loyalty anywhere else it seems.

At least the Texans open training camp today. And the Astros are no longer in last place in their division, for now.

People never cease to amaze me. Who will do what next and will any one care?


maria said...

Hi Jill,

What a contrast in people.Compared to dignified persons like Craig And Mark Kleinburger (see article on my blog).


maria said...

Hi Jill,

Re:Bush and Gonzales.

I believe that they BOTH know too much about each other. They are kind of tied at the hip. Bush can't afford to dump Gonzales.


cube said...

Bush & Gonzalez didn't do anything wrong. The President is totally in his rights to replace ALL of these attorneys if he so wishes (Clinton bumped a ton & no one gave him any criticism).

I think what was bungled was the explanation. Gonzalez should've just put his arms on his hips and said, "We did nothing wrong. Deal with it!" instead of being tentative with the perceived media

Like I always say, offense is the best defense.