Thursday, July 19, 2007

It Was A Dark and Stormy Night, I Mean Day

Sorry Snoopy. It is not even 11 am and it is pouring down rain. Hey this is Houston, not Seattle! Lake Norma is filling up again. I guess I should be glad that at least the temperature is down. Daisy is not too happy though. I just pulled a fast one on Daisy. She was sitting by the door as she always does when she wants to go out. I opened the door. She looked at the rain and quickly changed her mind. Lady could care less. No wet fur for her.

I just don't understand people who think dog fighting is fun. Michael Vick, how do you explain this? We do not live in ancient Rome. There is no excuse for this kind of "entertainment". I have to wonder what the NFL will have to say about this. Some people do not like boxing, At least humans have a choice.

The Houston Texans have sold out two games already for this season. Gee, could it be the games against home town hero Vince Young and our other almost choice Reggie Bush? Yup!

This kind of day tends to make me feel trapped. It is no fun to try to go anywhere. The dogs don't want to do anything. Nap anyone?

Now Easy Bake Ovens are being recalled. What ever happend to quality control?

Merv Griffin is back in the hospital. I used to watch him all the time. Tammy Faye Baker is going to be on Larry King tonight. She continues to fight cancer too. She is said to weigh only 65 pounds. How much of that is eye makeup? I am reminded of the fact that many of the movie idols I grew up watching are very old. How do you replace Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor or Kirk Douglas?

At least the Astros don't play today. The trade deadline is approaching...

Ah yes, I see light outside. There is a break in the dark and stormy day. At least for a few minutes.

Thus ends another episode of Much Ado About Nothing.