Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Promise Kept

Look around the Michael Vick story--way around. While we are looking at him with disgust, look at Houston Texan player Ahman Green and the promise he kept. When he signed with the Texans football team earlier this year, he wanted the #30 jersey. But Jason Simmons had worn it since the very beginning. The two players made a deal. Green could have the jersey but it would cost him $25,000. They decided that money would go as a down payment on a house for someone in need. Yesterday the deal was done. Saying "I wanted to use my star power to help people" Green said that when "we have the opportunity to do that it's just overwhelming."

Regina Foster is a single mom with a seven year old autistic son. Her dream had been to give her son a home with a backyard instead of the apartment where they had been. Her dream looked impossible. Enter Ahman Green. A search was done. Foster was chosen from five finalists who met strict criteria including pledging to do 100 hours of community service and contributing at least $1500 toward the down payment. Foster had wanted a home for her son but discovered that the lack of money would make it hard for her to buy a home.

Both Green and Simmons were touched by Foster and her son.Green said it was hard to believe how a promise and a handshake could do so much good. Even team owner Bob McNair got into the spirit by adding another $25,000.

Foster admitted she knew nothing about football and even said she was not a Texans fan. "I just became one," she said. Then she said she would dedicate her son's room to the Texans. Green told her that the team would donate Texans gear for the room.

Take that Michael Vick! Look what you could have done.


cube said...

The Vick story shouldn't indict the whole NFL. Every organization has some jerks.

Unknown said...

I'm not indicting the NFL, I just prefer to focus on a good story about a player.

pineapple said...

Michael Vick is a waste of oxygen. Hopefully he will go away for a long time and we wont have to hear about any more of his illegal activities. I also hope that more players in the NFL figure out how to use their status to help people. But you know what they say about one bad apple. The NFL needs to really crack down on the players that violate the rules of conduct and promote and praise the players that are using their celebrity and money to do good things.