Thursday, July 05, 2007

Parking Outside (the Lines)

There are three buildings here which are fourplex townhouses. They are fairly close together and have small, tight parking lots. Each building has a lot with eight spaces, four on either side of the lot. So this, obviously, works out to two spaces per unit. A while back I was a little annoyed to discover that the neighbor who lives in the unit in front of us parks across two spaces. This neighbor only has one car. So why does he always take two spaces? Does he not know how to park? I would think he would want to park close to his front door. But no, he has to park outside the lines. I can't say it is because he has a new car which he does not want to be damaged. His car already has several large dents. So why can he not decide which space he wants? Sure, it is easier to just drive in and park without worry of space. I am very careful how I park my car. I make sure I park within the lines of the space. How come my neighbor is not so careful?

Then I noticed he is not the only one who does this. Apparently there is a least one unit in each of the three buildings with a resident who parks this way. I wonder why? I would still park in the proper space even if we had only one vehicle. I do think it is funny that residents with only one car all seem to take two spaces when they park. I guess I am just too used to thinking (and parking) inside the lines. Would it give me a sense of power to take two spaces to park one car? Hum. Yet another point to ponder.


pineapple said...

You could leave them a note that says: If you park like you fuck, then you'll never get it in. Pardon the french, but it really does get the point across...