Monday, March 27, 2006

Tacos Anyone?

So people are demonstrating all over the place in favor of the Latino immigrants. At one of the high schools here in Houston, students left their class rooms and went on a march. What about the people who follow the rules and came here legally? What do we say to them. Sorry folks, we are going to let all these people from Mexico jump the fences and borders, but you just keep waiting. So the illegal population says they do the jobs no one else wants. These are the same people taking up space in schools, medical facilities, liquor stores, street corners. While they are willing to do jobs that we native born and legal immigrants dont want, it does not make up for the fact they are not legal residents. Why should we give our entire country over to people this way. Many people say our immigration policies should be changed to allow these people to stay here as "guest workers". Why don't we just change our country name to North Mexico? If a person wants to become an American citizen what is wrong with them learning about our country and it's laws and government, not to mention learn English. I am one of the few people who believe that English should be our language. We bend over backwards to cater to anyone who comes to this country. The Hispanic population in many of our cities has outgrown both the white and Aferican-American populations.

Before you know it we will have to sing our National Anthem in English and Spanish. And just wait till you need to talk to them. Since many dont speak English and apparently dont want to it makes it difficult to communicate. Sure they do what we dont want, just wait till they get their way. Equal rights for everyone? Right! Tacos anyone?


S said...

Oh I love tacos! One of my favorite foods!

HOWEVER I am soooooooo annoyed with all that right now. Several high schools around here did a peaceful walk out all because most of their parents are here illegally. I know we have a great country. I know we have more to offer people. But let's keep in mind that being here illegally is just that..... illegal! I can't feel sorry for people who will find themselves face with criminal charges for being here without permission. If we allowed everyone who's anyone to come here; OMGosh how over populated would we be. If you want to come here, there are steps you have to do to get here!

I am so SICK of everyone basically needing to learn Spanish around here. Most school districts here are requiring teachers to learn a 2nd language, they have 2 years to do it too; so that the students who can't speak english can still get an education. WHAT?!?! My opinion, not that it's worth anything; how about these students have an extra english class so that they can learn english! Sadly, we're rapidly becoming the minority. Noelle is only 3 white kids in her Kindergarten class of 23. Most are hispanic, with a few african americans & then middle eastern. And sadly, they are all from the apartment complexes that are bused to our school.

My goodness, I just hopped on that soapbox right beside you didn't I? LOL! But I still LOVE tacos! :-)