Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anybody Seen My Sanity?

I know I had it, now where did it go? I think I've lost my sanity. Just one of those days, right? Crazy Daisy would not leave me alone all day long. In and out every hour or less. Sitting up begging or bringing me toys for me to throw for her. If I got out the broom or tried to vacuum she chased them. Everytime we went outside she kept looking for her buddy next door. He jumped the fence again and ran during the storm last week. Of course he's back in his back yard today. Naturally, it's supposed to rain.

People annoyed me yesterday. Stupid people and people who dont think things through irritated me. I do have an opinion and it does count. No, you cant have everything your way. Why does SBC call here 4 days in a row. I dont want you to sell me anything and my bill is paid. No I dont know about the bills at the other house.

I keep getting mail for people I have never heard of at my address. Even the mail carrier cant figure out why we get mail. Too bad it's not money. After all if I dont ask for it and it comes to me I dont have to send it back.

Even Astro had to voice his opinion. I dont care, bird! Louder and louder he yelled. I finally had enough and put him outside on the patio. I can hardly wait till a neighbor complains about the noisy bird.

Amanda is bringing her dog here tonight before she takes her to her cousin's house Friday. Here is just not a good place for her here. Not enough room for a pit, Daisy, Lady, and Astro. Not to mention that lousy fence. Amanda is sad about having to give away Midnight, but we just cant handle her here. Now she is looking at getting another dog, this time a smaller one. She is still questioning why apartments or house owners dont want bigger dogs. A dog is a dog she said.

So, Mother's Day is Sunday. Think I'll go find a rock to hide under. Do they really care? Ignore me all year long. Do I really care? Kids, who needs them. Don't ask for my advise if you dont want it. Dont expect me to jump through hoops anymore. Been there, done that. I can even mow my own yard.

Even the Astros are driving me nuts. Actually I think ESPN jinxed them. They haven't won a game since.

And how come when I run to WalMart in a hurry, I either cant find what I want or they have moved it? I'm not in the mood for a safari! Grr. Then of course when I waiting to check out, the lady ahead of me, makes the checker do ALL the work. She did not lift a finger to put her bags in her cart so she had the line backed up and everybody mad! Then she paid with a Katrina relief card. Rude woman. I do not owe you anything. Just another thing to drive me nuts!

If anyone has found my sanity, please return it.


Pixie said...

{{{Jill}}} It'll be ok. One thing I despise is going to the store to have what I want moved. I don't go to the store enough to put up with that!

Izzy woke me up at 2am the other morning to go out. Know what she is doing now...... she jumps in the outside tub we grew safe grass in for the turtle & she pees in it! Just weird!

Oh & if your sanity found it's way to my house; not entirely sure you'll get it back too soon. I might just keep it for awhile. LOL! :-D