Thursday, July 12, 2007


As I sit here today, I realize that I have reached the so what point. I find the local news boring. How many times in one hour do I need to hear the same story? The Houston Police Department wants new cars. Some of the cars have 160,000 miles on them. Ho hum. Our truck has more than that. Yes we all know it is hot outside. I don't need a perky weather girl to tell me that. Of course now is the time our AC decides it needs to be fed. The other night it ran on and on... It does help to have a friend in the AC business. The unit was almost out of freon. A shot of freon food and on to cooling. Maybe our electric bill will be lower? So much for the weather- it's supposed to rain this weekend.

Now I hear that President Bush is going to make a speech in a few minutes. Ho-hum. Think I've heard that tale of spin before. At least Lady Bird tried to beautify America. What about George? Song and dance man?

I planted some moonflower vines in front of the patio this spring. They are now climbing nicely. Maybe I will go outside tonight and see if those buds are ready to open. Or not. Then again Daisy will probably want to go out ten times.

I heard that Paris went partying again. Ho-hum. So what else is new?

I think my give a damn is busted. Who do you call to get that fixed? Is there a listing for give a damn fixers in the yellow pages? Funny, of all the commercials I see every day on tv, never do I see one for fixing a give a damn. I can go to Sonic, get a loan, see a lawyer, or buy furniture. I can't find a give a damn fixer. Oh well, I don't give a damn. Ho-hum. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe the PCH guys will finally make their way here to my place. After all I did enter today. They say I could win tomorrow. Right? Ho-hum. guess I won't worry about it. What was that? Some-one at the door? No just the dryer calling, not PCH. Ho-hum.


maria said...

Hi Jill,

I can sympatize with you on this one.

I don't give a damn either about the "so called news", Paris Hilton and all those empty heads.

I guess the best cure is not to turn on our TV or radio.

At least with the net, we can choose what we want to learn and


Bazza said...

Finding a Damn fixer sounds as hard as finding a radio station that doesn't have idiot DJ's