Friday, March 10, 2006

Randomly Speaking

Is the United Nations worth it? Do they actually have the balls to pressure Iran? Does anyone really believe the blustery words between the US and Iran?

Was the ports deal (or no deal) a setup? Who will benefit or be hurt by this failure, or is this a failure. Has the President made us so fearful that we just dont think, we react?

Does anybody in baseball think Roger Clemens will retire? Will he go to another team? Who is he kidding?

Is the World Baseball Classic a good show? Does anybody care?

Does Kinky Friedman really stand a chance to become Texas governor?

Is Bob McNair really going to draft Reggie Bush? How many signatures will be on the petition started by Gallery Furniture owner Jim McInvale to draft Vince Young? After all Mac says to Mr. McNair that Young really will make him money.

Why do people call at 4:00 am to ask Jimmy a question that doesnt need an answer?

After all the waste and slow response from the government and people like the Red Cross after Katrina and Rita, will you be more or less likely to donate?

Am I the only person who thought "Walk the Line" was too slow?

Have you smiled at someone today? What are you waiting for?


S said...

I guess the big question is: Can McNair convience Kubiack to draft Bush or Young? How many days til the draft???

I wasn't a fan of Johnny Cash (dodging the shoe you threw at my head) so I haven't seen it & probably won't.

And I've smiled at everyone I've run across today. And now I'm smiling at you! :-)

Maryrose said... only question I can answer on your list is the last one! I smiled at my husband this morning.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. :-)