Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Have You Read Your Horoscope Today?

It's amazing what you can read in the stars.Some people will not make a move without checking their horoscope. Nancy Reagan frequently checked with her astrologer before making decisons. I read the different horoscopes today. So, I checked how good/bad my Cancer horoscope for today would be. One site said that if I was having financial concerns that I would have to be creative but I would get help someone I thought was out of the picture. Sure, the only people I knew that had money are all dead. Out of the picture, indeed. That's way out of the picture. What are they going to do? Are they going to come back from the beyond and tell me "by the way I forgot to give you this?" Sure they are. Of course another site said I had every right to smile till my face hurt. Huh? Don't feel guilty, others may be jealous but they will eventually be happy for you. Is that a load of poop or what? Then I checked the Chinese horoscope says I must be more realistic otherwise the sky will fall on my head. Well, that is encouraging, isn't it?

Does anyone really take this to heart? Does your life stop if your horoscope doesnt read the way you hoped? Ever notice that you can read any thing into them you want? But can you really trust them to be true?

Think I will start grining, find that person who isn't in the picture and hide under the table before the sky falls on my head. Well, after all that's what my horoscope said to do, right?


cube said...

I don't read my horoscope. IMO it's just a load of hooey.