Monday, January 22, 2007

Teepeed and Locked Out (of the Bedroom)

When I came in from walking Daisy, I discovered that I had poop on the bottom of my shoe. Jeez, not again! So I took my shoe off and went into the downstairs bathroom to wash it off. I did not notice Daisy sneek in. After all I was busy cleaning my shoe. But, I kept hearing a weird noise. Not until I turned off the water did I discover what the noise was. Daisy had pulled the toilet paper all the way out of the bathroom through the kitchen and into the living room. Man! So, I had to try to rewind the toilet paper. It is not that easy. It did remind me of when my oldest daughter was about two and wanted to help put groceries away. I gave her a box of tissues to put in her room. When she didn't come back, I had to go look. Ever try to put 200 tissues back in the box? Never works. Same thing with toilet paper. Unless you have infinite patience to rewind the paper very carefully, it will not roll back neatly. Irritated, I hurriedly rewound it.

Then I went upstairs to the bedroom. The door was shut. As I reached for the door knob, I discovered that the door was stuck. Actually, the knob was stuck. It would not budge. Oh Jimmy... Of course the screwdrivers and hammer were in the bedroom. So, Jimmy rumaged around to find a little screwdriver downstairs. With some effort he was able to get the knob off. But the door still would not open. Then he finally got the thing to turn. So then we could get in the room at least. But, if we closed the door we still had a really hard time opening it. Then he went out to his truck to get some of his work tools. Sometimes it pays to have two sets of things!
Finally, he was able to get the knobs off both sides of the door. Then it was off to the hardware store for a new doorknob set. Does anything around here work right? I had visions of sleeping in the spare bedroom. Yeah, right two dogs and us in a double bed. Not a chance! Give me land, lots of land...

So what's next? The sliding glass door is in backwards, wanna fix that? No!


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Anonymous said...

My dogs and cat think that toilet paper is the greatest toy ever invented. You should see what three dogs and one cat working together can do with a roll of tp. You would swear the roll grew to three times its size when it is spread out and shredded all over the house.